By Appointment Only

If you are a busy executive seeking VIP Career Support, contact us now for a Free Career Consultation with our experts. 

An informal confidential conversation, typically lasting about 30 minutes. By appointment only and conducted by telephone or video, you’ll have an open floor to ask any questions, whilst we will identify need and cover the most important career/job-related topics, including things like:

  • Understanding your current situation
  • Potential reason(s) for change
  • Career objectives and goals (short/medium/long)
  • Career collateral review incl. CV/Resume and LinkedIn
  • Salary expectations and market worth
  • Job market landscape
  • Type of employers and jobs you like
  • Digital footprint and personal branding
  • Career red flags and hiccups
  • Type of support you may want/need

The objective is always to try and maximise our time together. We ask you then to please prepare in advance. To help, here are some questions we often hear:

  • I’m not 100% sure what direction I want to take my career at the moment.
  • I don’t have the time to apply to jobs, how can I make this quicker/easier?
  • How do I find and apply to the best jobs?
  • My CV/Resume needs help.
  • Is LinkedIn really that important?
  • How do I market myself without drawing attention to my current employer?
  • What are the best head-hunters and digital platforms to use?
  • Shall I stay with my current employer or move on?
  • Which job offer should I accept?
  • I apply for jobs but don’t hear back from recruiters?
  • I’ve been with the same employer for many years and my salary is not representative of the market, how do I negotiate more money.
  • I have an important interview next week, what tips do you have to help me?
  • I’ve been made redundant and want support to enter back into the market.

To book your free VIP Career Consultation, fill out the below form and add your availability suggesting 2-3 date options in the coming 2-14 days.